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How long has it BEN since your last replacement?
We know that damage happens here in az more often than in most places. Arizona is known for it's beautiful scenery and gut-wrenching, "ok!, I'm definitely awake now!" blasts to the windshield from rocks or road debris. Get one of your vehicles most important safety features performing as it should with a high quality OEM/E replacement and take advantage of our limited time rebate offer. up to $140 cash back. Find out how much your vehicle qualifies for today at no cost. Hit the button below to get your free personalized rebate offer.

How was your last windshield replacement?
If your answer wasn't  
"the most wonderful experience of my life" ...
then you've been missing out!
 So why keep using the same mediocore glass shop?

This is Ever Ready Auto Glass and we've been waiting for you. 

Welcome to the...
Ever Ready experience..

It's not easy to recieve and maintain a preferred shop status with major auto insurance companies but we are proud of it! We don't like to brag but we do like to show how we earned that right.

Only the highest quality glass +
the three C's-    Complete Customer Care.
It's a fantastic recipe, you should try some!
Come have the Ever Ready Experience and get it done right the first time.

Hassle-free glass claims. 
Complete Customer Care.
Masterful workmanship.

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Did you know our loyal customers replace their windshield 40% less than the average driver in Arizona! Why is that? Well for starters we only use premium OEM or OEE glass on each and every install. Pair that with a lifetime chip repair guarantee that covers repairable damage on the new windshield to help stop the spreading of small chips-that's unlimited chip repair at no cost!
It's no wonder why Every Ever Ready customer stays an Ever Ready Customer!

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If you know you
have the Arizona Glass
Waiver you are good to go!
Most qualify for $140 or less and that's per vehicle! Get them all done at once!
Or two windshields with one stone as they say.
Most insurance policies include up to 3 replacements per vehicle, per policy period.
How many have you used this year? don't lose out on the replacements you pay for every month! If you're not sure if you carry the necessary coverage..don't worry! we can find out for you! Just leave your vehicle and contact info to recieve a call back. Hit the button below to get started.



Because we are a preferred service provider in your auto insurance network, we don't have the same restricitons as other auto glass shops.

Next to zero inspections or 'offline' waiting periods.
We get your claim approved fast and the job done right.

In addition to our lifetime warranty your insurance company also stands behind and guarantees our work. So your new glass is covered no matter what.

OEM Glass

The highest grade glass available for you vehicle. Our warehouses are always in stock and given a 9 point safety inspection before it leaves our shop.

Being in the industry for so long has blessed us with amazing rates.

We extend those discounted prices on to you in the event you need to pay out of pocket.


It's true! Our customer's replace their windshields 40% less than the average driver in arizona.

Could it be because we offer unlimited chip repairs with our warranty?

Or is it because we use oem or equivalent glass for each and every install?

You be the judge come see what you've been missing out on. Get the ever ready experience.

Asked Questions

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All you need is to carry the Arizona state waiver for windshield damage. If you have replaced your windshield through your auto insurance provider in the past and you did not pay a deductible that means you do carry the necessary coverage to qualify. If you never replaced your windshield or if you don't remember if you have a deductible, don't worry one of our specialists will be able to check for you.

Not at all! To check your rebate with our online Rebate Review Form is a courtesy service! And if you're replacing through your insurance utilizing the Arizona Glass Waiver then you're replacement is covered 100% by your auto insurance provided. That means no out of pocket expense!

This question comes up a lot. It's very simple. Normally an auto glass company will hire sales reps to go out and get jobs. We normally would pay those sales reps a commision for every job. So we figured why not just pay customers for their business instead!

Repairs are necessary sometimes when the damage isn't impeding your driving ability or is the structual integrity of your windshield isn't comprimised. Unfortunately a rebate does not apply to reparable damage. But we do offer unlimited free repairs when needed, this warranty is extended for as long as you have the glass we install in your vehicle.

it depends! There are a few factors that determine the rebate amount, the cost of the windshield ( we only use OEM or equivalent glass), the amount your insurance pays for us to do the work, and labor costs all play roles in calculating your rebate. Most will qualify for $105 and some go as high as $150. If this is low compared to a rebate you have recieved in the past it is most likely because of the difference in price of the windshield. Some companies will use cheaper lower quality aftermarket parts leaving more money for profit and to offer as a rebate. Our primary concern is, and always has been, safety and quality work, so we will never use unsatisfactory parts to turn a profit. An extra $30 dollars or any other amount isn't worth comprimising anyones safety over!

Ready to get your vehicle back to a SAFE condition? Let's talk! 

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Basically READY
$105 cash rebate

  • (Up to $420 at install for 4 vehicles) 
  • Standard vehicles are usually older without advanced features.
  • Get an accurate dollar amount today. Be sure to enter in ALL vehicles with damaged glass to maximize your rebate!

Ultimately READY


  • (Get cash at install and a promo $100 Restaurant gift card sent via email)
  •   Did you know side and back windows are almost always covered under insurance as well? Let us know if you need those items replaced so we can make sure it will be at no cost to you.


  • (per vehicle)
  •  Need a recalibration? We offer mobile and in-shop recalibration services as deemed necessary. Enter your vehicle info below and if required, will properly setup an appointment with our licenced tech at no cost to you.
  •  We take care of all the scheduling and paper work! Just hit the button below to get started.
EVER Loyalty
$140 & 

  • (good for 18 months & up to 4 people)
  •  Returning customers or new customers needing a recalibration are eligible to recieve this promo.
  • Not sure if you need a calibration? If your LDWS has to be moved during installation your inusurance will either require or recommend a recalibration. We have you

*All promos are subject to change.

Incentive chart is for informational purposes. Please fill out the 60 second contact form to get your personalized rebate offer for your specific vehcile.

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